Sayluss is the name of the Roman Goddess of health & prosperity, entrusted with the wellbeing of mankind. To succeed she needed a mothers compassion, sincerity and gentle hands. At Sayluss Medicare Pvt Ltd, that's our model for success, our healthcare staff are handpicked for their affinity of the client as much as they are for their professionalism & efficiency in the form of mother's touch and a hero's speed.

Sayluss Health Care Unit

We know there is no safe place like home, home is secure & filled with the love of family and friends, it is the safest and pleasant place for any patient. Patients feel safe for getting treatment at home setup. That's where we come in the role of Sayluss Medicare Unit.

This provides all health care facilities like skilled nursing staff, rehabilitation therapist, medical equipment and furniture's, etc...


What is Home Nursing Care?

Home nursing care allows for continued medical treatment in a comfortable, familiar environment in your home. It keeps families together while helping them adjust to a new lifestyle and maintains a sense of dignity for the patient. Our home care representatives are dedicated to meeting your health care needs.



Thus salus health care unit's representative is available to talk to you in person 24 X 7. When you have needs or concerns

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We know there's no place like home. Home is secure and filled with the love of family and friends. We also know that clients presents new challenges that can threaten to turn the security of home into a management challenge for the entire family.That's where we come in the role of Sayluss Health care unit.

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