Rehabilitation Service at Home

Rehabilitation is the process of helping an individual achieves the highest level of function, independence, and quality of life possible. Rehabilitation does not reverse or undo the damage caused by disease or trauma, but rather helps restore the individual to optimal health, functioning, and well-being. Rehabilitation care is designed to meet each person's specific needs; therefore, each program is different.

Rehabilitation team

1- Physiotherapy
2- Speech therapist
3- Dietician
4- Attendant
5- Nurse
6- Occupation therapist

Some general treatment components for rehabilitation programs include the following:

Treating the basic disease and preventing complications.
Treating the disability and improving function.
Providing adaptive tools and altering the environment.
Providing adaptive tools and altering the environment.
Teaching the patient and family and helping them adapt to lifestyle changes.

The success of rehabilitation depends on many variables, including the following:

The nature and severity of the disease, disorder, or injury.
The type and degree of any resulting impairments and disabilities.
The overall health of the patient.
Family support.

Importance of Rehabilitation Service at Home

There has been a general tendency to shorten the duration of hospitalization, and the focus when restarting home care is placed on disease control and management. Consequently, the support for home care patients in terms of assisting their everyday life has become insufficient. Home rehabilitation is one of the supportive tools that allow the continuation of care in a familiar living environment. The aim of home rehabilitation is to resume the subject’s “activity,” improve the quality of life (QOL), reduce the burden on caregivers, and prevent the manifestation of new disabilities by assisting with what the subject desires to do.

Sayluss Serving Locations

Medical services in 3 districts established by Sayluss Medicare have been rendering their service with great urgency over the years. Sayluss Medicare branch is available in Udaipur, Bhilwara and Ajmer in Rajasthan and an ambulance service can be called anywhere in these three districts by dialing the emergency customer service number - 91-7665545555 . After registering the ambulance service, the ambulance reaches the patient in a very short time without wasting time.


Patient needs

1-Self-care skills, including activities of daily living (ADLs).

2-Physical care

Nutritional needs, medication, and skin care.

3-Family support

Assistance with adapting to lifestyle changes, financial concerns, and discharge planning.


Patient and family education and training about the condition, medical care, and adaptive techniques.

5-Pain management

Medications and alternative methods of managing pain.

6-Vocational training

Work-related skills.

9-Respiratory care

7-Socialization skills

Interacting with others at home and within the community.

Memory, concentration, judgment, problem solving, and organizational skills.

8-Cognitive skills

Walking, transfers, and self-propelling a wheelchair.

10-Communication skills

Speech, writing, and alternative methods of communication.

11-Mobility skills

Feeding, grooming, bathing, dressing, toileting, and sexual function.

12-Psychological counseling

Identifying problems and solutions with thinking, behavioral, and emotional issues.

Ventilator care, if needed; breathing treatments and exercises to promote lung function.

Sayluss Medicare

Sayluss Medicare is known for its superior quality of service and Sayluss Medicare's utility is at the heart of every patient. The other branch of Sayluss Medicare is in district Bhilwara and Ajmer. Sayluss Medicare's team of experienced and experts test every nurse and her training skills from time to time.

Bhilwara, a district of Rajasthan which is a very populous area and nursing at home facility is being established and operated by Sayluss Medical in this area in a very best way. Customer Service Center registers every incoming call and based on the needs nurses are allocated for the patient's need.

Ajmer, a city famous for its Pushkar Lake and hills is densely populated and Sayluss have been reaching out to the public with their compassionate nursing care. Our nurses in Ajmer render the same quality service which is exhibited in our other two areas. We feel blessed to reach out our clients at times of their need.

Why Homecare..?

We know there's no place like home. Home is secured and filled with the love of family and friends. We also know that client's presents new challenges that can threaten to turn the security of home into a management challenge for the entire family.

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Home nursing care allows continuity of medical treatment in a comfortable, familiar environment at your home. They keep family members united while helping patients to adjust to a new lifestyle and maintain a sense of dignity for their patients. Our home care representatives are dedicated in meeting your health care needs.

Why home care?

1. To maintain the continuum of care.

2. To help family members, especially the nuclear families.

3. To improve the quality of life.

4. To support the present mindset of emerging population.

Benefits of Homecare Service?

E = Effective healthcare services

M= Monitoring every aspects of client's health

P= Patient centric care plans

A = Attention given to the need of client as well as family members

T = Timely delivery of all services

H = Honest and homely health care providers

Y = Yielding to our best to render care


Why Sayluss Medicare?

We are supporting the transformation of present health care scenariomin India for the convenience of clients and their family members. Sayluss has been expertly designing the care structure to provide trust, high quality, personalized and professional care services at home.

We provide clinical expertise team members to serve our clients.


Our Partnership with our client is like a nurturing relationships, upholding the dignity of those receiving care as well as supporting those who provide care. We provide expert medical supervision with compassionate care over an extended period.

Mr. Manish Mehta

I intended to send an email to the Sayluss Medicare Homecare services to express my appreciation for the work. I am very satisfied with the work done. I do not hesitate to return if I need work done in the future. I have also recommended people to this Sayluss Medicare Home care services.

Ms. Kanika Gupta

Sayluss Medicare Home care services are a symbol of excellence. I just wanted to let you know that I was absolutely impressed with visit to the Home Care Staff in   the month of April.  Their service was amazing and the facilities first class. You should be very proud of what you offer to your customers.

Ms. Santosh Kukreja

I found the service that Sayluss Medicare Home care services offers is very friendly and efficient. Thank you very much for the cost of the crowns, much appreciated


Activity is carried out by Sayluss Medicare at various places in Rajasthan from time to time for the welfare of common people. We reach out to our community people and cater them based on their needs. We are the leading homecare services at present in these three districts and known for our hospitality and authentic homecare services to our patients and their family members. We also have dedicated Covid- 19 services started for the first time in the city of Udaipur with our designated Covid ambulance facility. We strive to keep our vision and mission aligned in all we do to render our services.


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